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Our social media services are offered to manage your existing social media profiles and create new profiles for your business in order to stay in contact with your market. This service includes custom posts for events and updates and posts for industry-related articles every day!

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Demographics and Target Audience

Receive updates on demographics. Realize where your audience is coming from and understand how to reach them. Reaching your target audience has never been so easy with customized posts and graphics tailored to your brand image.

Reports and KPI's

Analytics reports sent to you based on Key Performance Indicators for all social media profiles connected. Included in the report is an analysis detailing each measurement so you know exactly how your profiles are performing.

Direct Communication & Support

Contact us directly through email, SMS messaging, telephone, direct message, private message and any other method you can think of. We believe that maintaining communication helps us depict your brand image in a way that satisfies you and helps 'wow' your audience so we'll do our best to be there when you need us. 

Our print media services allow you to input the information you would like to be available and we create an eye-catching design that complements the information. At Trius we can create new content or redesign a piece of print media you already own - whatever you need for your business handouts!


Simplify Your Marketing

Differentiate your business through multiple platforms to reach your target audience and create more brand awareness.

Generate More Leads

We work with you to maximize your potential to grow business through marketing means and increase your brand recognition.

Save time & Money

Why would you take your valuable time, or pay a full-time employee to run your social media accounts when you could use specialized services at a fraction of the price?


Our Story

Trius was started in order to help businesses that don't have the time or the experience to monitor and update their marketing media effectively.


Many companies could use a marketing media update. This made us want to help those companies grow through modern marketing methods and techniques so they can focus on their business and we can help them generate new clients.

Our Vision

We seek to become the top media outsourcing firm in Ontario. Bringing new, innovative ideas and designs to companies in order to successfully grow their business.


Our goal for all services offered by Trius is to generate more leads for you and allow our clients to turn those leads into business.

Our Style

Whether you are looking for a creative, abstract design or something professional and structured, we create designs that match your business style.


Helping you develop a specific culture and personalized style is a top priority to us. We work hard with you to make sure your marketing campaigns exceed your expectations and bring your business to the next level.


Tel: 226-820-0493

Contact us to arrange a time that works best for you to meet!

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